A Band is a Business

A band is a business. I can’t say it enough.

This phrase is especially true if you want to make music your full time career. If music is a hobby for you and you enjoy playing shows locally from time to time, business knowledge might be less necessary, but still helpful.

Here is a list of things that help a business to succeed:

  • Quality product/service
  • Marketing for that product
  • A leader
  • A manager
  • Passionate employees
  • Passionate customers
  • Distribution
  • Investors

Now the list again in music terms:

  • Quality product/service Great music
  • Marketing for that product music
  • A Leader
  • A Manager
  • Passionate employees  bandmates!
  • Passionate customers fans!
  • Distribution (Tunecore, CD Baby, Physical Distribution)
  • Investors  Record Labels

The lists aren’t that different. Many people don’t realize that a band is a small business selling a product. When you answer the age old question, “How do we make new fans”, you are thinking about marketing! That dream of a record label? You are seeking an investor; someone to help you financially to grow your business. That record label then provides you with distribution to get your CD online and in stores.

Question: “The music is the focus and you shouldn’t let the business side distract you, that’s why managers and record labels exist…right?”

Correct…sort of.

The music will always be your priority and your passion. Starting off though, you have a lot of work to do. There is a reason why you hear the term “DIY” so much, because you have to DO IT YOURSELF. When you start a band, you are instantly an entrepreneur. Best of luck running your new business.


Any questions? Comment below!


by David Kleinebreil



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