Super or Scam? Green Kite “Records”

My bias should appear obvious. I will first and foremost say, I have never formally worked with Green Kite “Records”. I know bands and have talked to bands that have. They offered my band a slot on Warped Tour once…but first we had to PAY an agent to watch us. Yeah….no.

I do not lay claim to all the knowledge about this company, but I will tell you what I do know:

They are not a record label. Only 2 bands have been “signed” by Green Kite – one of the bands is the owner Kerry’s son – weird right? And BOTH are conveniently “on hiatus” – where is this label?

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This company will specifically message young, emerging artists, posing as a record label. “I think this song _____ is great, I’d love to send it to _____ of our A&R team”

They will schedule a call with you, without you requesting it. Some bands, take the call, because hey, it’s a record label. (it’s not a record label!)

You will conveniently be deferred to their mentorship program. This mimics something called bait and switch-  an illegal marketing technique. They make you think you have potential to be signed, then switch out what their services are really intended to be.

After the call or audition, they will say “hey you’re great, but we think you need work before we’re ready to sign you, how about our “mentorship program?”. (Read more:  The website says “The goal of this program is to ready the bands to the level of acceptance from either a major or indie label”. But wait, I thought YOU were a label?

They will proceed to take percentages from your shows and give you advice for the low, low price of $200-$300/month. Some band may pay more or less. Sure, managers have to take a percentage right? Yes. But they are not a management company, they are a mentorship program. If you are ready for a manager, spend the time seeking out a legitimate one.

****I know for a fact they message hundreds of bands. Think even if 20 bands paid $200-$300 a month. $250 x 20 = $5000 a month. $60,000 a year. Maybe they fool 40 bands and she is making six figures. Sounds like these bands are AT LEAST paying her rent.****

You should hire her son. If you want to record, you are told to hire Kerry’s son, the producer. If you need a sound guy, you are told to hire Kerry’s son, the sound guy. You get the idea.

Keep the money in the family. If you want to play their shows in Arizona you either: buy on to a show guaranteeing ticket sales OR take a mall gig where she takes 20% and you pay her son half your earnings to do sound.

***IF you are seeing a pattern here, so am I. I suspect the whole thing was started as a revenue driver for her son’s band (I know, there he is again.) ColdFusion. (***

IF you think I’m attacking a friendly, family business, I’m sorry. My goal is not to defame – I’ll admit, I used the word “scam” in the title to get people to pay attention. I am addressing this publicly out of concern for young, talented artists. (11 one star reviews should also back up my point.) Sadly in this industry, you need to be careful. People will lie to you to appear to be something they are not.

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IF you are a band just starting out and you need help. Please reach out to me anytime. I’ll give you all the knowledge I have, and if I can’t answer your question, I’ll gladly direct you to someone who can. And I’d love to refer you to a band in your region so you can learn and grow together.

David Kleinebreil

Disclaimer: My advice does not cost hundreds of dollars a month. 

Also, if you have screenshots or an experience you’d like to share, you can email me.Anything shared will be done so anonymously and only with your permission.
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